April 13, 2021


What I did:

  • working on 2 posts in parallel - one for the new blog vision, one normal post

What comes next:

  • take orig post mind map and type it out
  • mind map vision post


What I did:

  • jingle update demo

What comes next:

  • take revisions, iterate until final edition is reached in time for episode 16

What I learnt:

  • working smart is important – using transposing to make playing easier
  • simply having a ‘ready to go’ recording setup made the entire thing a piece of cake


What I did:

  • finalised and uploaded episode 15. Release this Friday

What comes next:

  • edit episode 17 – could be a fun edit
  • want to spend more time on the edit and do something different
    • sound b-roll?
    • bonus episode?

What I struggled with:

  • although i know most lpx shortcuts i use regularly, there are many more i could do with
    • triggering varispeed with a keystroke
    • jumping between markers
    • so many more