February 18, 2021


What I did:

  • finished 58 bars of the solo, recorded and all.

What comes next:

  • final section of WL4

What I learnt:

  • I’m not doing this right. I really enjoy making the loop part of the weekly loop, but the solo happens much more slowly and it is (still) the weakest point of the entire process. The only way to improve this is practice.

What I struggled with:

  • again, the solo. Particularly, solo licks and coming up with new ones.
  • solutions?
    • jam tracks. build up a lick library.


What I did:

  • more editing What comes next:
  • ep 9 needs a little bit of ‘artificial structure’ What I learnt:
  • kill your darlings. a lot of the conversation was okay in context but not necessarily important in the scheme of a recorded episode.