April 1, 2021

Seems only fitting for me to have an update on April fool’s day.


I’m still nursing a hand injury and have been unable to do much musically… oops


What I did:

  • episode 13 is up!

What comes next:

  • need to plan ep 17
  • the idea of ‘fleshing out’ the conversation using audio cues is interesting. I’m going to listen to some more Freakonomics Radio and Ear Hustle to copy some of their techniques.

What I learnt:

  • episode 13 had a bunch of firsts: the first ‘guest’, the first time I used some audio cues to flesh out the story
  • if recording using Zoom, ensure you record each guest on their separate track. We recorded ep 13 in a very ad-hoc way and overlooked this. The edit was fairly painless but could have been much smoother had I kept this tip in mind.