February 2, 2021

Catch up

  • Missed a lot from last week: here’s the roundup:
    • Episode 5 of the podcast is out!
    • Episode 6, 7, 8 recorded
    • Editing episode 7 - maybe one more day until i finish. Due next thursday.
    • Recorded a football-related podcast episode: For The Love Of! I will post a link when the episode is out. Thanks for having me, Noel :)
    • Logic Pro has been an absolute pain, and WL3 has been delayed
      • this might just be because WL3 turned into a HUGE project with 35+ solo takes. Not… great for the processor.
    • changing weekly loops to biweekly loops. Gives me more time to make and record a solo. The end goal is to make better music, not find quicker ways of making loops of the same quality.