March 1, 2021


What I did:

  • normal practice schedule + improv
  • recorded main CP and a few more layers of WL5 (i would share, but this one is a secret)
  • dialed in final tone

What comes next:

  • other layers
  • arrangement
  • improv with some more context: what chords are we playing over? What notes should I choose? Some patterns to find notes quickly

What I learnt:


  • Timing: move your foot and body to lock into the groove. Don’t play by feel, reactively listen to the click, dial into it, and keep going
  • to mute thicker strings, use the pad of your right hand. to mute thinner strings, use the left hand

Pattern recognition

  • Relative major: b3rd of root
  • Relative minor: 6th
  • 4th is always just fret below root (quick location)

What I struggled with:

  • the improv solo was actually okay, but when I jump onto the top strings, I get stuck there and solo sounds thin
  • need to develop more discrete licks
  • Logic recording and playing loops is still not very clear. Weird app @Apple.


What I did:

  • created new editing template, started ep 11 edit

What comes next:

  • go through synced audio, figure out what goes into part 2 and what stays in part 1.
  • Spring jingle