January 20, 2021


What I did:

  • tried to arrange a solo for a loop, it didn’t work!
  • nothing worked, maybe for one of 2 reasons:
    1. i am just bad
    2. the current ‘playful’ vibe of the loop just doesn’t work with any solo

my best guess: it was a bit of both

What comes next:

  • try with experimental tones
  • try playful rhythms on the solo
  • if nothing works, scrap solo and flesh out remaining loop in some other way

What I struggled with:

  • not being able to capture the direction of the loop in the solo – resulting in nothing working!!! F.


What I did:

  • finished episode 5 edit! the final thing. signed, sealed, delivered. other ways to say it is ODNE. still over a week away from upload date.

What comes next:

  • plan ep 7
  • i have some free time now that this is done, time to use it for other stuff.