Weekly review: February 21 - February 28, 2021

Welcome to the first weekly review! The daily dispatch helps me keep track of things on a day-to-day basis, but I don’t get to revisit all of the things I learnt. Here’s an attempt to revisit the entries, collect everything I learnt during the week, and hopefully process it better.

What I learnt



  • Use voice leading and chordal melody to make chord changes less jarring and more musical
  • Guitarmonies: harmonise with your root note by using 3rds as a starting point in licks.

Technique and tricks

  • Pattern recognition is a huge part of learning how to play in scale
    • immediately being able to find 3rds, 5ths, relative minors, and go up the neck to other octaves is huge.
    • the 2 chord is the secondary dominant for the 5 chord: clearly why 2-5-1s work so well! Tension -> release+tension -> full release.
  • Look where you’re going: if your eyes stay ahead of your fingers, you’re much more likely to land on the right notes
  • Fret with confidence: while recording WL5, I realised that unsure fretting was causing some buzzing and string noises. Confidence is huge in playing smoothly.


Podcast stuff

  • keep ideas simple and short – longer episodes are great but rather painful to edit

Daily dispatch

  • I didn’t fill out a daily dispatch for most of last week thinking it wasn’t necessary to put them out, but without the pressure of sharing the work online, I ended up not filling them out at all. Bad call. Daily dispatches return starting tomorrow.


  • remove friction from doing the things you want to do by templating everything that you do do. Hah. doodoo.

Ideas on improving the weekly review:

  • make it more informative! Use it as an opportunity to ‘teach’ and make ‘guides’. Will help you in the long run.

How I’m applying what I learnt:


  • WL5 will be filled with chordal melody and small changes rather than jarring ones
  • WL5 will have a lick and a harmony!
  • Keep a track of more patterns and observations while practicing


  • Bringing back daily dispatch