22 September, 2021

Weekend Wednesday so not too much work time.


What I did:

  • updated descriptions for 35p2
  • finished social media post for 35p2 What comes next:
  • 37 concept
  • push for Qs ep 39 What I learnt:
  • Conceptualization
    • I’m definitely coming up with better, more ‘show-like’ ideas these days
    • taking these ideas and turning them into real episodes is more involved than simply turning on a mic and setup and start talking
    • that’s a sign of having a not-so-standard idea. The setup in order to record the episode is more involved. Eg: guest episodes, QnA, things I have planned for ep 41 onwards.
  • Editing
    • using delete and move might be quocker than using Shift+F