March 23, 2021

Long time, no see. We are back in business.


What comes next:

  • I have some ideas on using the blog as a way to get better at my tech skills.
  • New collection that houses tech posts, guides and how tos.
    • maybe a section for ‘engineering stuff I learnt this week’


What I did:

  • signed up for some ‘formalised’ knowledge based training

What comes next:

  • had some technical issues w/ peripherals. Fix.
  • get back to analysis and spec for WL6


What I did:

  • started editing episode 13. This is going to be special! Lots of new ideas and experimentation.

What comes next:

  • continue to edit sectors of the episode.

What I learnt:

  • the best way to try new ideas out is to not give much thought. If an idea seems cool, just do it. If it doesn’t work, revert. There’s no pressure. But if it does work, jackpot.