26 August, 2021


What I did:

  • built out full list of posts
  • fleshed out entire idea of 1st post

What comes next:

  • text outline for post
  • analogies
  • list of illustrations

What I struggled with:

  • i’m unsure how I will work on my illustrations. that’s something I need to figure out


What I did:

  • released ep 31. Go listen!

What comes next:

  • edit 33. need to do this before Sept break


What I did:

  • brainstorming for skill acquisition

Content I consumed

  1. DevTea episode on mastery
  2. a couple posts on networking

What I learned:

  • JC’s tree analogy - most of your skill is the trunk, and there are branches that support it

How I’m applying this:

  • framework for skill acquisition