27 October, 2021


What I did:

  • dive into the world of radio storytelling
  • used Ira Glass’ guide and some Gimlet/Longform podcasts to understand what makes good stories
  • initial ideas on how I can apply some of those ideas to FT S2

What comes next:

  • some more playing around with guides and resources
  • applying everything i learn into a template to use for S2 episodes

What I learnt:

  • Hosting
    • see below
  • Editing
    • Use audio transitions between segments
    • flow in and out of anecdote and commentary with simple automation fades
    • use delays for weight
    • score usage for storytelling

Content I consumed

  1. Ira Glass guides
  2. A lot of Fearless episodes
  3. Some WAN show from LMG

What I learned:

  • Storytelling: anecdote + reflection
    • anecdote: create motion, set bait
    • reflection: helps you connect to larger audiences
    • EXTRA step: stakes. Create stakes. The higher the stakes, the more the listener is dialed in. Stakes drive the story
  • From WAN show:
    • take your ideas, bounce them around with people you trust and respect
    • Take ideas to the creation stage quickly. You’re excited about the idea, everything is fresh in your head. Just go for it. Figure out the details on the way there

How I’m applying this:

  • FT S2 will feature a lot more storytelling. It will have to be. soft introduction - disturbing the vibe of the show too much is not desired
  • From WAN show: immediately deciding what some of my first S2 eps will be and going to work on them.