30 August, 2021


What I did:

  • finished written outline for post 1 of series

What comes next:

  • type out outline, polish
  • start thinking about illustration options?
  • flesh out documentation for post 2?

What I learnt:

  • for some reason, I let things be more difficult than they are. I had the outline written out quite quickly but kept going back trying to tweak it or thinking it wasn’t done just because I hadn’t struggled too much with it. It’s probably a good hting if the process goes smoothly, it allows me to do this over and over again aconsistently

What I struggled with:

  • not much.


What I did:

  • edited and uploaded ep 33

What comes next:

  • social post for 33

What I learnt:

  • my fastest edit yet (?)
  • sushi episodes is a real thing

  • Conceptualization
    • the idea for 33 was easy, good, and a classic
    • we seem to have the craft of choosing a good classic idea down
    • coming up with more alternative episodes and trying those out is on the list
  • Hosting
    • there is such thing as prep & delivery
    • constraint and clarity are highly appreciated
  • Editing
    • classics are so easy to edit
    • need more ideas for special editing - esp s2. Listen to more podcasts and make a running list of editing ideas?

Content I consumed

  1. Anything You Want by DSivers
  2. A bunch of random articles

What I learned:

  • really varied things from AYW