What You Can Expect on The Website This Month

What You Can Expect on The Website This Month

April - May 2021

In April 2021, I made a commitment to make more content for the website. To make sure I deliver, I also promised a ‘what you can expect this month’ post every month.

This is the first edition of that post!

Here’s everything you can expect on the blog and website this month:

Classic post

The big, ‘showpiece’ post I’m writing this month will be about how I’m approaching the next 4-5 years of my life. I’ve written previously about how I expected life to change as I finished formal education, and now, just under a year later, I’ve learnt a lot and want to share how I’m wrapping my head around the unstructured nature of my 20s.

I hope to have it out by ~29th of May (these take time!).

Hobby/skill based post

New genre! This month, I’m writing about how I edit podcast episodes, and it should be out on or before the 15th of May. Let me know if you have particular questions and I will be sure to include answers in the final post.

Technical Posts

Time to nerd out.

Expect a (kind of) technical post on how I use VS Code for my day-to-day on or before 7th May.

  • why should you care about your code editor?
  • what shortcuts do I use?
  • what extensions do I recommend?
  • …aaaand a bunch of other stuff.

The second tech post is going to be niche — I’ve been using Veripool’s Verilog Mode at work and it has sped up parts of my process manifold. I’ve come up with a workflow I like to use, and hope that documenting it will help me come back to the workflow in case I forget steps.

Weekly posts

In addition to these 3-4 posts, I will also try to post ~once a week about topics that I’ve been thinking about a lot that particular week. As these will be ad-hoc and subject to my schedule, I don’t know what they will be about, or even if they will happen. I hope they happen, though!

If you want to hear about these posts at the end of the month along with a catalog of all the podcast episodes of Frndship Time (a podcast I started with my friend), you can sign up for my newsletter here! I send these out at the end of the month, and no other spam.

If I miss uploading one of these posts… feel free to shame me.

See you next week for a new post.

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