Hello Website!

Hello Website!

Hey visitor!

Thanks for visiting my website! This is my first post, and I want to outline what I’m trying to achieve with this website.

As I get closer and closer to finishing up my Master’s degree, I want to ensure I keep learning new things and continue to keep the momentum that Cornell has helped me achieve over the past year.

I want this website to be a catch-all landing page for anything and everything that I make and put on the internet. For instance, I want to use the website to be a home to:

  • a blog where I can dump some of my thoughts from week to week
  • all my academic and side projects, including source code and documentation
  • my YouTube exploits once I get my channel back up and running, which may be never (but I’m optimistic)
  • anything else that I end up making/working on that doesn’t fall under the other categories

I’m excited for what the future holds :)